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The good feeling

In the pic: Jonah Fernandes managing the pop-up stall.

For Jonah Fernandes, “it’s a good feeling” living the zero waste lifestyle. Owner of zeroposro store in Goa, Jonah gives a sneak peek into his personal zero waste life

What got you interested in wanting to live a zero waste lifestyle?

I grew up in Siolim, in Goa. There was much beauty around, but later on a lot of garbage surrounded the place. That hurt me and it was from there did my journey begin. I started off with organizing clean up drives and eventually established a zero waste store zeroposro. Zero waste lifestyle is something I am passionate about.

What are the various zero waste activities you follow?

My house is a zero waste household. A large amount of waste that is produced in a house comes from the kitchen. We use the leftovers such as peels in the form of enzymes to clean the surfaces and floors of the house. Then I make minimum use of plastic. If I do, I like to reuse it. I carry containers when I am out buying stuff. Also, I club activities when I am on the road, in terms of getting to places to save fuel.

"It’s not correct to say that following a zero waste activity is hard. But yes, it is not possible at all times"

Which is of these is the hardest to follow?

It’s not correct to say that following a zero waste activity is hard. But yes, it is not possible at all times. Can’t say an absolute no to plastic. At times, I source spices from another region and the packaging includes plastic. Or at times when I am out, I may want to buy something but may not have a container. Doesn’t make sense to drive back home to get the container. Whereas on other days, it’s not possible to club activities during one drive. May have to drive individually for different tasks.

You say it’s not hard, then why is a zero waste lifestyle not a common practice?

Going zero waste is a habit. It will take time for people to get comfortable with the idea of living mindfully. Also, people have to like living this lifestyle. If they enjoy living zero waste life, then it will come naturally to them. Fitness enthusiasts hit the gym every day because they love exercising; similarly, if people start loving zero waste activities, they will want follow it in every sphere of life.

How has life changed in a post zero waste life?

There have been too many practical changes for good. Overall, it’s a good feeling.

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