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Less is more

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In a world where wanting more is an ideal ambition to harbor for a 25-year old , Mohit Khajanchi Jain says no to all things supposedly comfortable

What are the various activities you follow as part of minimalism?

I buy fewer clothes. This year all I bought was a winter jumper and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I have never used a personal vehicle. I don’t plan to have one in the future as well. It’s public transport that I make use of. I also eat limited food items to stay healthy and manage my emotions. One meal of the day includes only fruits. Eating mindfully and less helps in better focus.

What makes you want to live this way?

Growing up, I saw this kind of lifestyle at home. Not in every aspect, though. Later when I moved to Kathmandu, Nepal, for high school, I was on my own to make choices. This is when the minimalist lifestyle began.

Does minimalism need effort?

There are two aspects to it - internal and external. Inwardly, one has to assess one’s desires. Then implement the actual concept of minimalism externally. I look at my needs; not wants.

Are there aspects of life where you don’t practice minimalism but would like to, going forward?

I travel a lot. Not sure if minimalism requires me to curb gathering experiences through travel.

Have you been able to influence anybody around you to adopt minimalism or do you come under influence?

I don’t think I come under influence, but my rigid lifestyle has affected my relationships. I have lost a few friends on the way. Speaking of casting an influence, I got my dad and some other members of the family to move away from devouring gourmet food to simple food.


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