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Ataasii is dedicated to conscious living and everything around it. Features individuals who follow some aspect of conscious living and houses a conscious store.  

I Care. I Am Aware

 Conscious Products

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Jasmine Soap


This organic Jasmine Soap is meant for all skin types. Softens and smoothens the skin as well as keeps the skin anti-fungal, anti-wrinkle, and anti-bacterial.


Gift Box

An all things natural  unisex gift box is an ideal way to say you care. 

Includes Charcoal soap, Rose soap, Body butter, and Soy candle. 

Soy Candle.png
Soy Shell Candle 

Pink shell soy candle is a great decor element as well as environmental friendly candle that emits zero toxins in the surroundings.

Charcoal Soap 
The organic charcoal soap is meant for oily skin to help maintain the body's oil balance and clear clogged pores. 

Murali Ramaswami

Your produts are nice, potentially addictive. 

Sonali Paul

I like all the soaps. Althought meant for the body, I use them on my face asw ell. The oils do wonder. 

Mayank Daruka

I am just surprised using the Turmeric Face Pack. As a biker, I easily turn tanned. But applying the face pack helps me de-tan as well as feels rejuvenating. 

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